Providing Sports Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage and Acupuncture for pain relief, injury treatment, back pain, neck pain and repetitive strain injuries in Loughborough, Coalville, Ashby de la Zouch and the surrounding areas.

Doug Ingall 2018, Telephone 078346046459, Email


"Having suffered a spinal injury 7 years ago, I have been lucky to get away with minimal damage, but over the years other back problems have resulted.  I suffered great lower back pain and tried several physios and doctors, even going as far as having steroid injections into the facet joints. Doug Ingall has been the only person able to free up my lower spine and provide advice on how to help myself to keep this problem at bay.  Highly recommend for those looking for serious solutions to muscular pain!"

Simon, Melbourne


"I don't easily recommend people but Doug is one in a million. He is professional, skilled and just seems to know exactly what your body needs and can endure. His treatments have been an integral part of my marathon training, and they have worked wonders for me - I can't recommend him highly enough! "

Jane, Loughborough



"Having been an International athlete from the age of 17, it is vital to make sure I keep my body in an excellant physical condition to avoid injury. I have known Doug for 10 years, and he has worked on my body throughout to ensure that I can perform at my best. His Knowledge of the anatomy of the body and acupuncture skills is second to none, and has helped get me back on my feet when I have had injury problems.

I would recommend acupuncture treatment to anyone, as it is a fantastcic cure to any physical problem that I have ever experienced."



" I would recommend this therapy for anyone experiencing the stresses of modern life. "

Tracey, Coalville


"I’m so grateful for the wonderful treatment you gave me today, as you know I’ve had huge amounts over the years and none that have felt like yours, with immediate effect – feels so much better"

Martin, Shepshed


"Doug has given me my body back. He’s a total expert in getting to grips with all my tension caused by various injuries over the years and a couple of days after seeing him I’m walking on air.  The best treatment I’ve ever had."


"I was recommended Doug via a friend and could feel a difference from the first session. Doug is great at identifying the problem areas which have really helped with the sports and activities I'm involved in."

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