Providing Sports Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage and Acupuncture for pain relief, injury treatment, back pain, neck pain and repetitive strain injuries in Loughborough, Coalville, Ashby de la Zouch and the surrounding areas.

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Chronic Pain

These range from lower back pain to repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, countless variations of chronic inflammation (tendinitis – golfers / tennis elbow, bursitis, periostitis) and tension headaches. 

Sports massage teaches you to be aware of your posture and biomechanics. Getting the right treatment gets you on that journey, awakens that awareness and gives you tools and techniques that enable you to detect these issues before they become problems and deal with them yourself.

Stress & Tension

Stress is caused by a lot of factors in modern life. Some physical and physiological and others outside of our bodies and our control.

Massage helps relaxation by inducing the release of endorphins or tempering neuromuscular activity where necessary. The use of touch found useful in ancient Greece and China, combined with modern understanding of anatomy and physiology is combined to induce relaxation and drastically reduce stress levels.

Realigning the body from head to toe removes physical tension, while passive movement of muscle using different massage strokes provides a sensation of gentle exercise with the benefit of hormone release to provide an overall gentle sense of euphoric relaxation.

Sports Injury

Injuries sustained while engaging in sporting activity. These could be in the form of impact or tissue overload – resulting in hematoma, strains and sprains respectively (pulls and tears of muscle, tendon or ligament).

They could also result from compression or displacement of tissue structures within/between joints such as bursae or menisci or discs.

Sports injuries can also be a result of wrong biomechanics, i.e. way the body moves and is aligned. These injuries are more likely to be stubborn. They go away with rest but tend to come back when activity is resumed.

This is because discomfort and pain in these cases are symptomatic of the deeper lying biomechanical neuromuscular issues. This also tends to be the case where treatment is insufficient.

Treatment for cases like this need to be more in-depth, addressing both symptom and cause.  Common examples in sport are recurring hamstring strains in runners, footballers or swimmers; knee pain in cyclists, etc.Deep Tissue massage


Acupuncture is an ancient system of medicine and healing which has been used effectively for thousands of years but is just as relevant in our modern world. I am trained in Traditional Acupuncture which emphasises natural cycles, patterns and rhythms in the body, respecting its functioning as a whole, rather than as separate and isolated parts.

Acupuncture treatment promotes natural healing by the insertion of fine, sterile disposable needles into specific acupuncture points located within channels called meridians, which encircle the body and connect to all its organs. These points access the body's natural energy flow known as Qi and help to restore health and equilibrium to the body.

Acupuncture can have an effect on all levels - body, mind and spirit - and works on the underlying cause of disease rather than simply addressing symptoms alone. A course of treatment can have potent and long lasting effects on overall health as well as often providing relief from pain in the short-term.

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